A word from our President and Vice-Chancellor

Jacques Frémont, President and Vice-Chancellor

Service excellence is a goal shared by all uOttawa faculty and staff. By connecting individual actions with the University’s vision, service excellence encourages engagement on everyone’s part, helping promote both learning and discovery.

The clear improvement in service that our surveys illustrate is only a small part of a much greater picture: our impact on the quality of the student experience.

In that regard, our Network of Champions are wonderful service excellence best practice ambassadors who have led a positive shift in attitude across campus. Their efforts have been instrumental in making service excellence synonymous with respect, recognition, and personal and professional growth.

The same will be true of our Service Excellence Leaders Group, a new platform for communication between faculties and services through which we can find resources and further service excellence initiatives.

The fundamental elements of change are simple. Change begins with a spark, a group of passionate individuals committed to inspiring it. With the support of a leadership team, shared ideas can lead to collective action.

I am delighted to support the Service Excellence initiative. I invite you all to step forward and embrace our unique role in achieving our Transformation 2030 goals, and more.

Jacques Frémont