We are service excellence

The University of Ottawa plays a key role in developing the global citizens, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow through its dedication to discovery and learning. It is our vision to provide an environment that is caring and attentive, and that is respectful of all members of our community. We connect with students by showing our genuine interest in their development. We support them by demonstrating competence, professionalism and by using a positive attitude, all characteristics of solutions-oriented employees.

Together, we can become leaders in service excellence!

Our vision of service excellence

I reflect a positive attitude

  • I smile and engage with you and seek to understand your needs and expectations.
  • I am pleased to provide you with a courteous, timely and efficient service.

I demonstrate competence and professionalism

  • I take great pride in the language, actions, knowledge and image I use to convey my professionalism.

I treat the members of our community with respect

  • I value diversity, recognizing that everybody is unique and equally important.
  • I ensure that everyone has access to resources and facilitate inclusion.
  • I respect your choice of official language.

I exercise care and devote my full attention

  • I establish a rapport with you by showing genuine interest in you and your concerns.
  • I always go the extra mile and treat you with respect.

I find solutions

  • I am proactive and take responsibility for doing what is right for you.
  • I am flexible and make it happen, whether I can personally address your needs or refer you to someone who can.
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