Service expectations

In order to provide students with a rich and inspiring experience and become a force known for service excellence, we must push the limits and surpass standards of excellence at every chance. However, service excellence isn’t only about delivering quality service to students. It’s also about the work each of us does with and for one another. Through cooperation and a quest for quality in our everyday work, we showcase the true essence of service excellence.

Expectations students have of the University

  • Be accessible to all
  • Be respectful and collegial
  • Provide guidance and support
  • Respond to their needs
  • Help them succeed
  • Be easy to deal with and approachable
  • Refer to the correct person or department

Expectations the University has of students

  • Be responsible for their learning experience
  • Be respectful, courteous and ethical
  • Take advantage of learning opportunities
  • Contribute positively to the University community and student life

Expectations employees have of the University

  • Provide the training and tools they need to offer excellent service
  • Empower them to be creative and find solutions
  • Encourage risk-taking and initiative
  • Respect and recognize the value and importance of their work
  • Create a positive environment for learning and growth

Expectations employees have of other employees

  • Refer to the correct person or department
  • Be willing to learn and show enthusiasm
  • Provide responses
  • Provide quality service
  • Recognize they are part of a university-wide team
  • Be solutions oriented

Expectations the University has of employees

  • Be dedicated to their work
  • Act as a positive role model and ambassador of uOttawa
  • Be respectful and cooperative
  • Be flexible and creative
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