Resolving student inquiries at the first point of contact

By improving our ability to resolve students’ inquiries or problems in a single contact, the University of Ottawa will make great strides in achieving service excellence and becoming a recognized leader in the area. Many students feel that they get the “run-around” when searching for information. They are often sent from office to office without their problem being solved. Changing this will have a significant impact on the student experience and students’ overall satisfaction with the University.

First contact resolution is one of the most important client experience metrics used today by best-in-class organizations. Directing students to the right contact person on the first referral or resolving their inquiries or problems immediately helps us exceed student expectations and reduce duplicate efforts for employees.

Our goal is to provide students with the right answer the first time they contact us, whether online, by phone or in person. If you’re uncertain about the best approach to resolve a problem, follow up with the student as necessary. When in doubt about the proper contact person or referral, call ahead to check before sending someone on to another department. We are committed to “refer with certainty” to achieve a higher first contact resolution rate. 

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