Professional attire

Professional Attire

Our University community includes students and staff but also parents, visitors, guests and sponsors. Our appearance and how we dress sends a message to everyone. These dress guidelines are intended to provide all staff members with recommendations on appropriate attire while they are working in the role as ambassador of the University of Ottawa.

Professional attire practices:

  • Ensure high levels of bodily hygiene at work, at all times.
  • When dealing with students or attending professional events representing the University of Ottawa, wear a name tag as the official identification provided by the University.

Wear clothing and accessories that:

  • looks professional
  • are adapted to the activities of the position
  • are clean and in good condition
  • carry no offensive messages.

Avoid wearing clothing or accessories of the following styles:

  • training wear or accessories
  • outdoor wear or accessories
  • beach wear or accessories
  • caps, tuques, sunglasses, transparent clothing, shorts, uncovered leggings and camisoles (except when covered by a cardigan or jacket, etc.).

Professional Attire Quick Tips

  • Avoid heavy fragrances.
  • Avoid chewing gum in a professional setting.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Remember you are a representative of the University of Ottawa and dress accordingly.

Exceptions regarding clothing and accessories, from the above list, must be directly related to the activities exercised by the staff member as part of his or her functions at the University of Ottawa (e.g. Sports Services).

When in doubt regarding whether or not to wear a certain item of clothing or accessory, discuss the matter with your supervisor beforehand.

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