Well-equipped for the new academic year

Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A student’s level of preparedness for the new academic year varies from one individual to another. While some are extremely well prepared, others may be the type to just go with the flow. As we embark on another academic year, and regardless of the type of students we’re helping, let’s remember a few tips so that it’s smooth-sailing from September all the way to April for all!

Choose empathy over sympathy

Listen carefully, ask questions and ensure that you fully understand the situation before making a decision. Every student deserves to be heard.

Use a healthy dose of humour

Humour might just be the anchor that we need amidst the winds of September. Constructive use of humour—bearing in mind the student’s possible level of anxiety or frustration—creates a sense of reassurance and maintains an encouraging atmosphere.

Continue learning about the University and its services

Most new students don’t have a flowchart in their mind of specific resources available to help them when faced with a problem. As employees, knowing exactly who to contact when we’re serving a student at the wrong service is a major step forward in helping them resolves problems.

Recognize the impact you can have

Students see us as part of a whole, not our individual position with its unique tasks and responsibilities. We represent the University’s values, commitment to excellence and devotion to our students with each action we take. A few kind words can have a long-term positive impact on others.

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