Student Experience Survey results out this fall

Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2016

The second Student Experience Survey was sent out in mid-May, and results will be published in the fall. The goal of the survey is to improve the university experience for students and to better understand their day-to-day reality by gathering their comments after first year.  

These comments allow us to improve the quality of the services we offer to students over their time at university, so that they can see the improvements made to their university themselves. In that sense, the survey is different from the end of program survey after fourth year.  As it takes place every second year, it allows the University to assess service performance as seen by the same student cohort.

The last Student Experience Survey was conducted back in 2014. Among other things, it showed that preparation for university and integration mattered greatly to students and that to retain students, we would have to continue to introduce programs and services to better integrate them in the university setting. The quality of food services was also viewed as something needing improvement at the University. With the opening of the 24/7 Dining Hall, we hope that this new survey will show a marked improvement, especially given that this year’s end-of-program survey already shows a 20% increase in satisfaction. Finally, results of the 2014 survey showed that students felt safe on campus and that the IT support offered was unequalled.

The results of the Student Experience Surveys allow us to take the pulse of the student population and meet their current expectations, while raising the overall quality of our programs, departments and services. 

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