Should you wear your name tag on the left or right?

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

As a Service Excellence Champion, have you ever wondered, or been asked, on which side you should wear your name tag?

Page 18 of the Service Excellence Guidelines states that you should wear a name tag when dealing with students or representing the University at professional events. The name tag clearly identifies you as an ambassador of the University. But what side should you wear it on?

You should wear it on the right. In her article on networking during cocktail events [Réseauter au 5 à 7 cocktail], etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau states that wearing your name tag on the right makes it easier to read from left to right, especially when shaking right hands. She goes on to explain that the left side is reserved for love and honour: boutonnières, corsages, medals and professional honours. Other references go so far as to say that the name tag should be placed two-to-three inches under the collarbone. Name tags should be always be visible and should not be hidden by long hair or a scarf, for example.

If you do not have a name tag and would like one, speak to your supervisor. Note that instructions on wearing a name tag may vary, depending on your faculty and type of employment.

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