Meet a champion: Normand Séguin

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Normand Séguin, the director of Financial Aids and Awards and InfoService, who is also the Service Excellence Champion for these two groups, proudly explained the many changes he has recently introduced at Financial Aid and Awards.

Given that he leads the two services that see the highest traffic on campus (with Financial Aid and Awards alone generating some 25,000 Talisma transactions per month), Normand is the perfect example of how any service or faculty can implement changes, however small. He believes that if a service wants to meet its service excellence goals, surveys are a vital tool. Yes, "surveys can be scary, they can be inconvenient, but it's hard to head in the wrong direction if you take their results into account."

Transforming survey results into concrete action

Since January 2016, Normand has implemented changes in response to some of his transaction-based survey results. Thanks to this feedback, he has found new ways of doing things that have increased customer satisfaction.

For example, the survey takers noted that there was little information on government financial aid and that lineups during peak periods were too long. "My worse fear is learning that a student won't be able to complete their year because their funding has fallen short, which can be avoided with proper planning," he explained. Here are a few of the measures he has implemented:

  • Installed a chat function on the Financial Aid and Awards website to help visitors find the information they need
  • Updated and simplified the InfoExpress database to answer questions about financial aid and scholarships
  • Regular exchange of knowledge between the experts (managers) and front-line staff. Every Friday, the experts explain the updates that concern their sector to other team members. This helps front-line workers solve certain problems themselves without always having to ask experts for help
  • Increased participation in high school and recruiting fair presentations to address student concerns
  • Maximized the functionality of Talisma software by using it to send more reminders to students or promote certain scholarships
  • Installed software on the service's website to provide real-time information about wait times
  • Renovated the waiting area to increase client privacy during transactions

Transactional surveys as a training tool

Normand is still at the stage of evaluating the responses to his transactional survey (sent out by Talisma) which the Service Excellence team implemented with his help. He is already using the tool to help improve employee performance because he finds that the survey is well-suited to employees. According to him, "surveys are not only an excellent tool for meeting student needs, but they also serve as excellent training tools."

On track to meeting your goals

As you set your annual goals, make the most of this opportunity to look for specific tools that can help guide your thinking. Survey results can always help you prioritize. And the Service Excellence team is available to give you a hand as you consider how to proceed. 

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