Lookback on the 2015 Service Excellence Week


To jump-start Service Excellence Week, a conference was held on October 2, 2014. This special event saw senior managers join Service Excellence Champions and their managers to discuss service excellence. Take a look at the photos and the video of the conference.

Service Excellence Week Activities

The first-ever Service Excellence Week at the University of Ottawa was held from October 6 to 10, 2014. To celebrate this special event, the University asked its faculties and services to participate in a week of activities or organize their own events.

Service Excellence Week Activities

City of Ottawa and University of Ottawa employee panel

Photos of the uOttawa/City of Ottawa employee panel (see second and third last rows), which was jointly sponsored by the University of Ottawa and the City of Ottawa, focused on "Service Excellence in our Community".

Pop-up cafés

Here are some photos of the pop-up coffee shops (see last row) that sprung up at various locations on the main campus and at Roger Guindon campus.

Service Excellence Competition

Teams organized their own activities and were invited to share their stories, photos and videos. To be eligible, competition activities needed to recognize and thank staff members who, over the past year, had made major service excellence contributions, encouraged team work, raised awareness of the importance of service excellence among their colleagues and reminded them of how much the University values service excellence. Here are a few of the activities held this week.

  • Academic Writing and Help Centre (AWHC): The AWHC team members presented a video they had created to highlight their commitment to the Service Excellence program. You can watch this catchy video which is set to Happy by Pharrell Williams.
  • Centre for Global and Community Engagement (CGCE) — Winning team: The CGCE employees got together to organize a week of activities, including an open house during Service Excellence Week, improved signage in front of their main entrance, visits of students on campus and increased presence on social media networks.
  • Faculty of Arts, Undergraduate Studies Office: Members of the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Studies Office took part in various activities organized by their unit. Each day of Service Excellence Week had its own theme, including a Hawaiian Day.
  • Food, Conferences and uOttawa Card Services: These team members were invited to contribute their experiences to a chain letter describing how they went beyond customer expectations to deliver excellent service.
  • Institute of the Environment and the Master's in Environmental Sustainability Program: As part of this competition, this team submitted a document that illustrated their winning formula for service excellence!

  Teamwork + Team Spirit + Cooperation = Service Excellence

  • Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost: The team from the Office of the Vice President Academic and Provost gathered for lunch to discuss what they could to improve services on campus, including paying special attention to people, going beyond their job descriptions, and listening without judging others. The team members then signed the Service Excellence poster and displayed it in their office to remind them of their commitment to being University ambassadors and proponents of service excellence.
  • Payroll Services, Financial Resources: To celebrate Service Excellence Week, the team brought in a basket full of chocolate treats to reward colleagues who display great customer service. Anyone in the office can recognize a colleague when they provide excellent customer service by giving them a treat from the basket. It's a great way to get everyone in the office involved.
  • Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS): TLSS Service Excellence Champion Muriele Dagenais, together with Associate Vice-President Yves Herry and a few colleagues who were in on the secret, put together lovely baskets of delicious goodies accompanied by a thoughtful note to thank employees for their exemplary service.
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