As a catalyst for inspiring change on campus, the Network of Service Excellence Champions acts as an important resource for our students, professors and employees. The champions represent all sectors of the University. Through the champions’ ability to discern and communicate the experiences of members of the University community, they help the University better understand the daily challenges faced by members of its community. By having a better understanding of the issues at play, the University is in a better position to fulfill its mandate of becoming a leader in service excellence.

The champions were chosen by managers in the different faculties and services based on their ongoing contributions to improving service excellence within their own groups

Champions’ role

Initially, the University is providing the champions with the training, support and resources they need to identify and carry out improvements in their workplace.

Then, the champions move forward with their mandate:

  • Train employees in their sector. They share what they’ve learned in training sessions and ensure information is communicated with others in their faculty or service.
  • Gather information and share it with other members of the network.
  • Help the University create a supportive, attentive and positive environment for our students.
  • Share best practices for service excellence and encourage fellow employees to embrace them.
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